The average business has $32,000 worth of computer data, but 70% of those businesses are not adequately protected from data loss.

As a business owner, your data is priceless. The loss of your data can put you out of business. In fact, according to Home Office Computing magazine, 30 percent of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year. Seventy percent fail within five years.Demand Systems Remote Backup Service uses the Internet to send copies of your critical data to our off-site data storage facility, every night, automatically. The system is affordable and secure! Most companies use inadequate techniques to protect their data.
Highly skilled technicians implement and monitor the process and may be contacted by e-mail at any time. You are supported around the clock by our dedicated team.
Demand Systems Remote Backup Service can give any business the same tools that top of the line, world wide companies use to protect and keep their data.

The advantages to a typical business are enormous:

  • All files are protected by one of the most advanced and sophisticated encryption systems available, which means your data can't get hacked as it travels across the internet to our servers
  • Only you can see and retrieve your files
  • Off-site protection is completely automated
  • Recovery of any version of any protected file is fast when done over a high-speed internet connection
  • Installation and setup are very easy
  • Only our software and an internet connection are required

Demand Systems, Inc. maintains a secured, fault-tolerant fileserver storage vault for storage of your protected data. The storage vault is constantly monitored by technicians whose job is to make sure the backups are performed properly. A separate account is maintained for each user and each account is protected by a password known only by the user! Not even we know how to get to your data, so your are never at risk of an off-site security breach.

The electronic vault system is set up so that at a certain time, usually late at night or in the early morning, your computer and/or server automatically wake up and prepare selected data for backup, finds and identifies which files are to be included in the backup, copies the files, compresses them, and encrypts them for security. Once the data is ready, your equipment uses a broadband Internet connection to contact the offsite Demand Systems Servers and transmits the encrypted files for storage.

The Demand Systems Servers verify and store the data. Once per week, external hard drives are brought in to our main offices from our off-site storage vault's location, the backup data from the storage vault are backed up again to another, redundant storage vault, and are then returned to their own off-site facility. You can be certain that your data will not be lost or stolen with Demand Systems' Backup Service.

Give our offices a call to establish an account. We will send a technician to your site to properly configure the remote backup software.